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Charlie tanner Charlie tanner 28 April 2016

Im Back/ Battle Rps?

Heeey guys! i'm back! i sincerely apologise for making you guys wait for me to respond to Rls i got caught up in stuff on other wikias!, but anyways, i'm in a battling mood, do any of you guys want to ha e a fighting Roleplay with me? if you do, comment down below! Thanks!

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Charlie tanner Charlie tanner 12 March 2016

First Annual Coltarian World Tornament!

Come one come all! Enter you Warriors to see who's the Greatest Warrior in Coltaria! Many Legendary Warriors from Different regions will be there, Many Dangerous Mercenaries will be there as well, can you beat Them and Claim Victory? Find out Today! Here are some of the Contestants.

Beast Carriers:







Snow Region Warriors:



-More to enter!-

Tree Region Warriors:



Legendendary Warriors:





-More to enter!-

There are Many more Warriors in this Tornament! So Register down Below and you'll be in! You will be Tested how strong you are, and if you win you will be rewarded!

(Comment to Register your Oc! and i'll put it on this Blog! Then we'll start this Tornament Roleplay!)

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Charlie tanner Charlie tanner 6 March 2016


Heya Guys, lately I've been wondering, "How can I get more People on my wikia?" I've been having problem with trying to do that lately, so this is where you come in. Could you guys find some ways to help get this wikia noticed? Or get more people on? It's getting pretty dull around her with just a handfull of people :/ Try to see if you can get more people on in any way possible! I'll try on my side too!

-Charlie Tanner

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Charlie tanner Charlie tanner 20 February 2016

More Anti-Beast members needed!

Hey Guys! I came to ask of you a  favor! I would like to have some more Anti-Beast members for the First and Second Generation! No requirements are needed! 

So please! Check out the page and see the open slots and then you can tell me if you want to make a member! This was all i had to say! Thank you!

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Charlie tanner Charlie tanner 14 February 2016


Hey you guys! i was just wondering if you wanted to give these Oc's some crushes?

Kodi- Male, Straight

Kina-Female, Straight

Miyuki-Female, Straight.

Comment here if you have any suggestions and we'll talk!

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Charlie tanner Charlie tanner 28 January 2016


So, i was wondering if you guys wanted to do some more, Action packed Roleplays, involving death n stuff, don't worry, it's not all cannon! Comment if you want to do one with me! or another one for some people!

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Charlie tanner Charlie tanner 26 January 2016


Now i had this idea in my head for awhile, like, i'm gonna turn some of my paw patrol Oc's into Coltarians, Like, Tanner, Christina and Keith, i'll be making their Coltarian Pages soon, i dunno if i wanna change their names or not. You guys can do the same if you want to! but i wanna know if you guys are comfortable doing this though.

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Charlie tanner Charlie tanner 19 January 2016


Alright, Regarding what some of the Pages say about Beast Carriers, for a limited amount of time only, i'll let you guys Make the First Three Beast Carriers! but only one Beast Carrier Per user! here are some Requirments~

1: The first Beast Carrier must be a Female and she can live in ANY region

2: The second beast carrier must be a Male, He can live in ANY Region

3: The Third Beast carrier must be Female, and she must live in the Snow Region.

4. This is the TENTH Beast Carrier And is the most Powerful one! It must be a Female and She can live in any Region! this is for someone! by the way!

(All three must be 14-17 years old at least)

I'll let you guys handle the rest! tell me which Beast Carrier you want to make! Enjoy!

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