Coltarian World Wikia

Coltarians have many clans in their World.. and many of those Clans are in Different Regions as well!

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Borealis Clan[]

Home Regions: Rain and Sky[]

This is Amaury's Clan, this clan is nothing but Pure bread Foxes, these Clan members are very smart and can fight VERY well. All of the male and female Clan members from Each generation look alike the only thing that differs then is their eye color. This clan has control over 4 elements, Wind, Lightning, Water, and fire. This Clan is the Most feared Clan in the Rain and Sky regions.. The Clan leader often seized these lands for money.. This Clan's Crest is a White Falcon, they often wear this crest on the Backs of their Clothing.

Musake Clan[]

Home Region: ???[]

This Clan is Hasoni's, the creator of the Mystical Beasts, This Clan was thought to be extinct, but its not. this Clan has nothing but white wolves and White furred Foxes, and EVERY male and female has the eye ability, the Eye of Hasoni. This is a very powerful and ancient clan, and each member has a unique power.. This Clan has control over Every element, they often have a White or Black Circle on the Back of their Clothes.. it's the Musake Crest.

Tokari Clan[]

Home Region: Sky[]

This is Naomi's Clan, these Clans people are very innocent and intelligent, but, they will fight. This clan reigns in the sky region, this is also where the borealis clan attacks too, the Tokari Clan would fight back towards the Borealis clan, showing them that they are NOT afraid of them. This Clan has had the 9th Mystical Beast passed down, Generation to Generation, this Clan mostly controls the Element Air.

Teyuga Clan[]

Home Region: Rain[]

The Teyuga clan is The 7th Beast Carrier's Tori's main clan, her clan doesn't have many members left.. her being the only known member left.. thier powers are based around water.. Tori being the only member in her family with fire related powers.. leading her to being shunned..

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