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Welcome to the Coltarian World Wikia[]

Hello! welcome to the Coltaria World Wiki! now, you may be wondering. What is Coltaria? Coltaria is a World where Warriors roam, there are 5 different Regions. The Tree, Snow, Rain, Desert and Sky region. Coltaria isn't a planet it's more like a dimension, it has portals that connect with the Regular world as well. This place hold many strong warrior and the warriors there are kinda like ninja. There are also deadly enemies as well... (The People in Coltaria are all anthros, the people in the regular world are anthro as well, No humans)

Anywho, i hope you all have fun on here! and remember Follow the Chat and Wikia Rules on here as well!


On this Wikia we want to see all of your First, Second or Third gen warriors. they can have as many powers as they like, but they must have some sort of weakness! our Oc's must also live in one Region of Coltaria, Such as the Desert, Tree, Sky, Snow, or rain Regions. They all can't be Mystical Beast carriers, But, your Oc can be a Pseudo Beast carrier. Shipping is allowed, Stories, and art is allowed too! Have Fun!!

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