DeAngelo is a Second Gen character created by Mystic Eevee. And is Drake's friend

Bio Edit

A young Fox/Wolf mixed that once pro-trolled the Tree region before running into a young wolf and then began to form a friendship bond with him. The two try to hang out whenever they can, even though he is from the  Snow region. He is also a Pseudo Beast Carrier.

Appearance Edit

DeAngelo is a Fox/Wolf mixed so he has mix of Red and Grey fur. His eyes are a Dark Green color. He stands at 5 foot 7 inches, and his clothing in the real world is a long Grey t-shirt and a pair of Silver sweatpants.

Spring&Summer: Edit

In the Summer and Spring in the Coltarian World, DeAngelo wears a Blue sleeve-less t-shirt black stripped cargo shorts and Silver finger-less leather gloves on his hands and wears Black shoes on his feet.

Fall&Winter: Edit

DeAngelo wears a Tan Leather jacket with a Black t-shirt underneath it and Denim Blue jeans. And he also has a pair of Red Shoes.

Personality Edit

DeAngelo is powerful, smart, and intelligent, he is also protective.

Powers & Abilities Edit

DeAngelo turns into a large Fox when he gets to angry

Martial Arts: DeAngelo is strong Martial Art fighter and normally uses it in battles

SnowMan Clones: DeAngelo can create 5 to 10 Snowmen clones to help him in fights

Beast Transformation 1: Once DeAngelo gets too furious he lets his anger out on the objects and people around him, normally by freezing them.

Ice Spears: DeAngelo can created a ton of Ice Spears in his hands that he can use as projectiles.

Cooling Hands: A bit of a healing and cooling power mixed into one. The cooling side can easy pain away and the healing comes from him putting his hands on the wounded area, and changing his eyes the Dark Green color to a Aquamarine color.

Hardened-Snow/Ice Shield: A shield that was crafted out of snow by himself and then frozen for up to a month and then once harden he then placed another layer of snow and ice on it.

Ice Dome: A large dome that is made by ice crystals and solid blocks of Ice. More of a protection zone more then anything else

Crush Edit

He starts to form a strong crush on Drake's sister Torina. He met her in the Snow Region while she was helping her mom, and then started to fall for her

Quotes Edit

"It will be fun to beat you..So why don't we fight?"

"Messing with the balance of friendship is a bad thing to do when I'm around.."

"Heh, that wasn't even a close fight.."

"Damn it all..How could this happen..?"

"Drake..We are friends for a reason aren't we?"

Facts Edit

Left alone to search for his parents after losing them in a strong winter storm

Met Drake after seeing him in the Tree region training with Blake