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Devon is a character created by and owned by SmokythePolicePup.


On a dark snowy night in the Snow Region, two black-furred wolves came across a baby wolf. Seeing it abandoned all alone, they took it in and raised it as one of their own. They named the wolf Devon after his grandfather. He was raised tough and was trained to be skilled at fighting so he could be the Snow Region's top warrior. He achieves the warrior rank at a young age and as a teen, he patrols the Snow Region protecting the citizens of the region.


Devon is a brown-furred wolf with black socks and a black tip on his tail. He wears a thick, dark blue winter coat with a hood. He also wears a scarf covering his mouth and wears goggles. Whenever he travels outside the region, he wears a light blue t-shirt with black jeans. He has emerald colored eyes and has a scar on his leg from training to be a warrior.


Devon is an over-confident wolf. He considers himself the best warrior in the Snow Region and loves the feeling of protecting his people. He is overprotective of his adoptive parents and will kill anyone who tries to harm them. When not on patrol, he's generally easy-going and likes to relax and hang out with his fellow warriors.



His mate is named Amaury. They met while Devon was patrolling the Snow Region. After a fight to the death, Devon ends up sending Amaury to jail. She breaks out and the two realize their feelings for each other and become a couple.


  • He was adopted by Snow Region Wolves.
  • His little brother is Jamie
  • He loves to protect others.
  • His goal is to be the best warrior in the Snow Region
  • He has yet to discover his full potential.
  • Despite having powers that other Snow Region creatures have, Only his birth mother was from the Snow Region, his birth father is from the Sky Region

Powers & Abilities:[]

Ice Projectiles: Devon has the ability to shoot ice shards at foes

Ice Breath: He has the ability to freeze his enemies with his ice breath. The Ice he breathes is so thick that the enemy's body instantly freezes on contact.

Blizzard: He has the ability to cause a blizzard almost anywhere to instantly blind his opponents leaving them open to be attacked.

Ice Armor: He has the ability to take the snow and water around him and form ice armor to cover his body and it can withstand high temperatures.