Some Warriors and People have eyes that have great amounts of power in them, and it allows them to see what other warriors can't see.

Eyes of Hasoni (Beast Eyes) Edit

Hasoni was the creator of the Mystical beast, His eyes had a Dark Red pupil surrounded by a Red iris, These eyes allow the user to slow down time to allow them to escape an attack, it also gives them an advantage on the enemy, because they can see the enemies weak points, it also allows the to temporarily hypnotize the enemy is they look in their eyes. If the user is a Beast or Pseudo beast carrier it give them and their Beast a large power boost. in order to obtain these eyes, you either have to be in Hasoni's Clan or you have to have sealed all of the Mystical beasts inside of yourself.

Eyes of the Galaxy (Star Eyes) Edit

These eyes are both unique in power and in looks, these eyes have Black Pupils with a Bluish-purple Iris, these eyes allow the user to manipulate the land and things around them, they can create Earthquakes and they can send meteors upon the enemy from the Sky. These eyes also allow the user to levitate in the air and they give the user an enormous amount of strength and speed! if you look in the users eyes closely, you can see shooting stars. If a Beast Carrier or a Pseudo Beast carrier posseses these eyes, it'll give them an enormous strength and speed boost. these eyes also allow the user to copy the enemies fighting style

Eye of the Eagle (Eagle Eyes) Edit

These eyes are only available to the Beast carrier of the Ninth Mystical beast, These eyes allow the user to see very far and to predict the enemies next move. The eyes are Pupil-less and they are also Pink. This also allows the user to see the enemies Energy flow and the user can hit the enemy in the energy spots to mess up the enemies Energy flow.

Eye of the Super Beast (Super Eyes)Edit

These eyes are very rare to have in Coltaria, These eyes give the User unlimited Power and Any ability, The user can strike the Enemy in any pressure and it can strike the enemy where vital organs are as well, these eyes are a Pupiless Dull Silver color.