Jamie is a black-furred wolf and the younger brother of Devon. He is created by and owned by SmokythePolicePup.


A few years after Devon was adopted by his parents, his mother gave birth to a baby wolf who was named Jamie after a friend of their father. He wants to be a warrior like his big brother but also likes having a good time. Every Saturday, Devon would take Jamie out for training. Jamie accidentally gave Devon his scar on one of his first days training.


He is a black-furred wolf with medium-length fur and has blue eyes. He's 5 foot 3.

Summer & Spring:Edit

In the spring and summer, Jamie wears a short-sleeve blue shirt, Long black jeans, and a white undershirt, He also wears brown work boots.

Fall & Winter:Edit

In the fall and Winter, he wears a blue winter jacket with sheep wool inside to keep him warm. He wears Dark brown winter boots and thermal gloves on his paws. On his head, he wears a hat with goggles to help him move around during a fierce snowstorm.


Jamie is a fun-loving wolf. He does like to fight and protect the snow region like his big brother but most of the time, he likes just hanging around and playing in the snow. He loves the snow region but dreams of adventuring in the other regions.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Jamie for the most part has the same powers as Devon.

Ice Projectiles: Jamie has the ability to shoot ice shards at foes

Ice Breath: He has the ability to freeze his enemies with his ice breath. The Ice he breathes is so thick that the enemy's body instantly freezes on contact.

Blizzard: He has the ability to cause a blizzard almost anywhere to instantly blind his opponents leaving them open to be attacked.

Ice Armor: He has the ability to take the snow and water around him and form ice armor to cover his body and it can withstand high temperatures.

Ice-bending- Jamie has the ability to control every aspect of ice and use his hands to direct the ice and snow at an enemy. He uses this to build snow forts.



None. He's 15 and bisexual but isn't really picky about who he dates.


  • He's Devon's little brother
  • He loves to have fun.
  • He can be lazy.
  • He gave Devon his scar by accident.
  • He dreams of exploring the rest of Coltaria.
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