Katsumi is Akemi's older Half-sister, and is a Second gen oc created by me, Charlke Tanner


Calm, Caring, Fast, Strong, Smart, Skilled, Softspoken.

Additional infoEdit

Nationality: Japanese

Age: 19

Height: 5 "4 Feet tall

Weight: 116 lbs

Occupation: Runaway Ninja

Favorite Food/drinks: Strawberry Icecream, Cheesecake, Strawberry Soda.

Fighting style: Tenshin Clan Fighting Style


Katsumi is a White Arctic Fox with Amber eyes, She is 5 "5 feet tall and is very Beautiful, She wears a Black Nija Dress with white trimming and white Gloves, Boots and Handguards, she wears a White Wrapping around her waist.


None yet, she is 19 and Straight!


Katsumi is a very Calm person, she doesn't like fighting but she will if she has too in order to proceed, She loves to talk to other people and befriends them, she will even help anyone in need.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Ninjutsu: She Uses her ninjutsu to get go places and for combat, such as Wall running, wall jumping, Water running, High Jumping, Teleportation. etc.

Tenshin Clan fighting style: She uses her deadly fighting style on her opponents to take them down easily.

Kunai: She can throw up to 10 Shurikes and Kunai in under 5 seconds


Katsumi was once in Akemi's village, her and Akemi were once close,but Katsumi ran away in order to find someone that Person that killed her mother, Akemi was angry that her sister ran away.. years later, Akemi encounter her Half-Sister and she beat her, Katsumi didn't even fight back due to her not wanting to fight her sister. Katsumi still roams the Regular and Coltarian world..


"Why..?" To Akemi before Battle

"I don't wish to fight you, but i will if i must.." to opponent before battle

"Please..step aside.." To opponent before battle

"I will triumph!" To opponent before battle

"Do not loathe me for what i must do.." To opponenet before battle

"Please, Rest quietly.." To opponent after battle

"Don't get back up, please.." To opponent before battle

"You will fall for such evil actions.." To Elizabeth before battle

"I.. must not stop here.." Losing quote


She doesn't like to fight

Her sister is Akemi, Half-sister at least

Her mother is a Wolf, her father is Akemi's Father