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Miyuki is a 15 Year old Snow Region warrior and She belongs to Charlie Tanner.


Strong, Beautiful, Quiet, Smart, Fast, Talented, Forgiving, Kind, Loving.


Miyuki is a White Furred Fox, The tips of her ears are Black, she has a Bushy tail with  a Black tip, she is about 5 foot 4 feet tall, she has Purple eyes.

Winter and Autumn[]

Since she lives in the Snow Region, Miyuki wears a Light Blue Long sleeved Shirt, underneath her shirt, she wears a Grey Fish-net shirt. Miyuki wears a Light Blue Zip up skirt, Underneath her Skirt are Black Thermals, she also wears light Blue Winter boots.  On her hands, she wears Light Blue Gloves.

Summer and Spring[]

She wears a White Sleeveless top with a White Skirt with Grey Fishnet shorts underneath. She also wears White Sandals. 


Coming soon..


She is currently with Devon'so brother, Jamie, she cares about him and loves him deeply.

Powers and Abilities[]

Snow Clones: Miyuki  Can create Clones of herself, if the Clones are Destroyed, they turn into snow.

Ice Blade: She can Spawn an ice katana out of thin air, so she can cut her enemies down to pieces.

Dagger storm: She can Jump in the air, Open a portal behind her, and unleash a storm of Ice Daggers unto her Foes.

Frost of Fury: She can make her nails extend and she performs a 20 hit clawing combo on her enemy, she then freezes them and shatters them to pieces

Hail storm: She can summon a Hail storm upon her enemy.

Snow Golem: She can create a Large snow golem to crush her enemy


She likes Reading.

 She listens to Classical music.

 Her Parents died in a battle between two sky region warriors.

 She lives with her older sister.

 She Trains so she can get stronger.

 She is a Strategist 

She is smart. 

She gave birth to one of her children when she was 18. 


"I-I can win if i just believe in myself!"

"Please, go easy on me.."

"I'm not used to fighting strong opponents like you."