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Mystical Beasts[]

The Mystical Beasts are 10 Gigantic Creatures that roamed the Land of Coltaria, all 10 have been sealed inside a Young male or Female making them a Beast Carrier, The Mystical beast can all be fused together to make a Super Beast with is so powerful it can destroy the earth with a Blast. These Beast were created by a Wolf named Hasoni many years ago, he made them in order to keep balance in Coltaria, if one of the Beasts die, all things in Coltaria will will fall out of balance.. some people want to gather all of the Beasts to make the Super beast Reappear again and use it's power to take over Coltaria and the entire world... if the Beast is forcefully sucked out of the Beast Carrier, the Carrier will die immedietly..

Beast Moves/Abilities[]

All of the Beasts can use a move called the Energy Bomb, it's when they create a large Blue orb with their Paws or mouths and they launch it towards the enemy, if the attack hits, it results in a great deal of Damage to the enemy, Each Beast has an element that they can control, like the first three beasts, they control the land, the next three beast can control water, and the last four can control Air. The Beasts can communicate with each other telepathically as well.

Known Beast Carriers:

  1. Nya
  2. Devon
  3. Kina
  4. Tokino
  5. Kodi
  6. Tori
  7. Amaury
  8. Naomi

Beast Carriers[]

The Beast Carriers are the Most powerful out of all of the Warriors in Coltaria. They can use the Beasts abilities to their advantage and can also Partially transform into the Beasts as well, there are three Transformations the Beast Carriers can undergo.

  1. The user can get angry and the Beasts energy coats around the user, the users teeth gets longer and a bit Sharper like fangs and they start to grow claws, they seem to lose control of themselves and go completely berserk on their enemy, they stop this when they calm down.
  2. TBA


The strongest Beast is the Tenth one.

They Beast Carriers are all Teens.

Naomi is the Second Strongest Beast Carrier, Amaury being the Third Strongest