Nathan is the Second Generation 15 Year old Grandson of Akeito and Big Brother To Teruno.


Strong, Caring, Fast, Smart, Helpful, Fighter, Honest.


Nathan is an Orange fox like his Grandpa, he has Orange and White fur, the Tip of his Tail and Ears are White, His Chest is white as well, he has Bright Orange eyes, he is 5 foot 8 feet tall.

Summer & Spring Appearance: He wears a Black Fishnet shirt with a Orange Jacket over it, the jacket is Unzipped, He wears Black pants With a Orange Pounch on the side, He wears Orange Sandals.

Winter & Fall Appearance: He wears a Black Longsleeved Shirt with a Orange winter Jacket over it, he wears a Black pair of Thermal Pants and Orange winter Boots.


Nathan is a Nice guys when you get to know him,but if you get him on his bad side, that's a Whole Other story, he likes to help out people when he can, but he also likes to fight for what is right.


Cloning- He can create up to 50 Clones of himself

Wind Blade- He sends a Powerful Gust of Air towards the enemy, the gust of Air is so powerful it can cut the enemy in half.

Super speed- He can run like the wind and he can even punch and Kick fast too.

Energy Blast Barrage- He can fire multiple Orange Energy balls that can cause a Large explosion.

Clone Energy Blast Barrage- He uses his Clones to Blast the enemy away.


"Heh, i guess i am pretty strong! Kinda."

"Hmm.. you need to work on your skills.."

"Tracie? is that you..?


He is Tracie's Boyfriend/Husband.

He is a Big Brother.

He and Tracie have one Child.