Sonic the fox is my fursona.


Sonic is a sweet, kind, and caring fox. He loves sunny days, colors, animals of all kinds. He hates it when someone is mean, rude, or violent around him. He tends to try and avoid fights. He has a fear of going underwater which is weird due to his power. He is pretty lazy, but will help anyone if the sitiuation demands it. He has lots of fears as well, but its a lot to list. He fights with his fists not weapons.


He is a blue fox with yellow shoes. He has a white underbelly and muzzle. He has red shorts and a green shirt. His eye color is green. He also wears white gloves.


He has three powers.

Speed: As his name suggests, he has super speed, amd can use his tail like a fan for someone if they need it.

Water: He can manipulate water to move water around, and can make a cloud rain before its ready. But he dont want to use it that often.

Healing: He can heal someone of any injury and poison, but cant revive someone.


He loves to write stories. As he travels, he writes about his adventures. He finds eenjoyment in it, though Nya and certain other find it weird. He dont care though. It's what he loves.


Sonic has a bad habit of saying sorry a lot. He even says it for strange things to be sorry about.