The Anti beasts is a Group that was made to capsure all 10 Mystical Beast Carriers and awaken the Super Beast Wolf to rule the real and Coltarian world, it expanded into the 2nd Generation.


This groups purpose is simple, Capture all 10 Beast carriers and awaken the super beast, to rule the world..

Known membersEdit

First Generation-

1 (Leader): Yukon. (Kodi's Brother) 2: Alex 3: Zane 4: Ruby 5: Riku 6: Akane 7: Hachiro 8: Kyle 9: 10: -More Needed!-

Second Generation-

1 (Leader): Crimson 2: Troy 3: Tikito 4: Rukina 5: Hanari 6: Kokuro 7: 8: 9: 10: -More needed!-

Uniforms and WeaponsEdit

Their uniforms consists of Grey jackets and pants, and Black gloves and Boots. Some of the Anti-Beast members have large Swords on their back, some have Sais, Knives and Bow and arrows.

Members infoEdit

Sone of the members from the first and Second generation have sad stories, but, they all are cold hearted killers and they don't believe in mercy..

-More coming soon!-