Wikia Rules

  1. In Roleplays Don't make your Oc's over powered
  2. Don't put hate comments on people's pages
  3. Profanity is allowed in Roleplays, but don't overdo it.
  4. Oc's can kiss each other, but no Sexual stuff
  5. Your Oc's can die in Roleplays, only if you want them too.
  6. Respect the Admins and users
  7. Oc's cannot be over powered and must live in one Region of Coltaria. (Ex. Tree, Desert, Rain, Sky, or Snow Regions, see more Here
  8. Don't be negative
  9. Report any problem to an Admin
  10. Be nice to new users
  11. Have Fun!

Chat rules

  1. Do not use all caps.
  2. Never abuse, hurt, cyber-bully or cyber-stalk anyone.
  3. Do not use offensive language in the chatroom.
  4. Do not spam in anyway eg. spacing.
  5. Do not lie.
  6. Do not ask to be a Chat Moderator/Administrator.
  7. Respect other users and don't be rude
  8. Do not yell at mods or admins for doing their job, they are just trying to keep the Wikia safe.
  9. If you are banned from chat, please do not come back with another account
  • When warned by a moderator/admin do not get angry and fight it, it will only result in a ban.
  • No demanding to be unbanned from chat. It must be served out.
  • Do not harass anyone in Private Message or ask them to PM when they do not want to.
  • Do not repeatedly ask users to unblock your private messages with them either, if the user does not want to talk to you then leave them be.
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